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A Parking Lot for Trains or a Lot of Park for People...

Metrolinx is planning to build a railway layover facility in the environmentally sensitive Don Valley, running from the Prince Edward Viaduct north to Pottery Road. This facility will be sandwiched between the DVP and the Don River and consist of a massive, three storey, concrete base on top of which will be situated workshops, staff quarters, a generator, fuel tank and septic systems. Here, up to three diesel-driven trains can be stored, cleaned and undergo maintenance.

An alternate future for the Don Valley exists, where the work of converting the waste of prior industry into multi-use parkland for a growing city continues.

Click Wonscotonach Trail for details.

Excessive Speeding Initiative

We are pleased to let you know that due to the advocacy of CHCTRA, speed signs will be installed this spring on Chester Hill and Thorncliffe for 6-8 weeks.

Speed humps on Chester Hill will be installed after watermain work has finished from Cambridge to Broadview on Chester Hill Rd.

Thorncliffe will not have speed humps until a volunteer/s comes forward to start the petition process. If Thorncliffe residents are interested in speed humps, please contact us at community@chctra.ca or contact Kerrie Stambler in Paula Fletcher's Office for the details (kerrie.stambler3@toronto.ca)

Quiet Streets Initiative

Chester Hill and Thorncliffe should be “Quiet Streets” this summer! This City initiative began May 2020.

Please send your request for "Quiet Streets" for summer 2021 (May to Sept) to Mayor Tory (Mayor_Tory@toronto.ca) and Councillor Fletcher (councillor_fletcher@toronto.ca).

Speeding, late night noise and partying at the Chester Hill Lookout needs to be stopped.

Info on Quiet Streets program: https://www.toronto.ca/home/covid-19/covid-19-protect-yourself-others/covid-19-reduce-virus-spread/covid-19-activeto/covid-19-activeto-quiet-streets/

Estonian House Site Update

Thank you to all of the CHCTRA residents who attended the February 18, 2021 information session hosted by Councillor Paula Fletcher and who wrote letters of objection to the City Planner and to the Toronto East York Community Council. Over 100 letters were sent to the City!

CHTRA’s lawyer and planner provided a submission, which you can find here

There will be a community consultation sometime in the spring. We will notify you when the date has been set. Your participation in the consultation to voice your concerns will be crucial.

Speed Humps

The City surveyed Chester Hill Road residents about speed humps and the survey results supported them. The speed humps are scheduled to be installed in the fall of 2020. Since Fall 2018, CHCTRA has asked the City to canvass the residents of Thorncliffe and Cambridge about whether these streets should also have speed humps, but to date the City has not done so. We will continue to follow up with the City to survey your views on this issue.

CCTV at the Lookout

CHCTRA has been told by Toronto police that CCTV cameras have been approved and will be installed at the Lookout. The process is underway, but we have no firm date for the installation.

Car Break-Ins over the Summer

CHCTRA residents reported a very significant spike in car break-ins over the summer, with ownership and insurance papers removed from cars, as well as property damage. We have brought this issue to the attention of Paula Fletcher’s office and Toronto police. Please be aware that keyless entry fobs can be diverted to unlock your car even when the keys are safely in your home. A few safety tips:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car

  • Always ensure your car is locked, especially overnight

  • Don’t keep your keys by your front door or in your home near where the car is parked

  • Store keyless entry keys in a metal box or container

  • Toronto Police have provided small signs to place in your car “No Valuables left in Vehicle”. Pick one up on the front porch of 24 Chester Hill

Development at Whistler’s Site

The development at Whistler’s is currently stalled and the property is being sold to a new purchaser. The City has assured residents that it will not re-open the application process for a proposal that is higher than the mid-rise approved to date.

A Globe and Mail story about the financial troubles for the development can be found here: Failed Toronto condo project lays bare battle between wealthy foreign investors https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/article-failed-toronto-condo-project-lays-bare-battle-between-wealthy-foreign/

796-802 Broadview Avenue

A six-storey mixed use building has been proposed and approved for this site, with retail at grade and residential units above. The developer has been in touch with local residents’ associations to consult on changes to the application in terms of use of the street-level space.

Paula Fletcher’s Letter to CHCTRA on development updates

For more information on the above development projects, please see the August 17, 2020 letter from Paula Fletcher’s office here: Broadview Development Update for Residents Associations.

Get Involved!

If you have questions or concerns, or want to become more involved in CHCTRA, please email community@chctra.ca

Stay strong on Covid-19 Prevention Efforts

Given the global pandemic, we conclude this newsletter with a show of support and a reminder to all of us to stay safe and strong. Covid-prevention is a marathon not a sprint, and we have many long winter months ahead.

If you are an elder member and need community support for food delivery, please be in touch.

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