About Us


We are a distinct and vibrant neighbourhood tucked into the small pocket between Broadview Avenue and the Don Valley.

CHCTRA is committed to protecting, enhancing and improving our downtown residential neighbourhood and surrounding area.

Our Committees are actively engaged on issues such as development along Broadview Avenue, community safety and traffic on our neighbourhood streets.

If you want your voice heard on issues of importance to our neighbourhood or want to keep up to date on neighbourhood news, please join today. For membership information, please email community@chctra.ca

Current Mandates

  • Enhancing and improving the Chester Hill Area, in the Province of Ontario (such area defined in the general by-law) as a distinct and liveable downtown residential neighbourhood;

  • Engaging in advocacy to ensure that development on Broadview Avenue does not exceed the mid-rise guidelines in height and scope and is otherwise consistent with Amendment No. 343 to the Official Plan for the City of Toronto by City Council in June 2016, and the City of Toronto's Urban Design Guidelines for Broadview Avenue (Danforth Road to O'Connor Drive) dated June 2016, (collectively the “Broadview Area Planning Study” or “BAPS”);

  • Ensuring that any development of the property located at 958 Broadview Avenue, and in particular from the laneway to the west end of the property, is developed consistent with the built form and adjacent residential neighbourhood to the south and in a manner which does not have a negative impact on the adjacent residential properties and neighbourhood to the south;

  • Promoting positive development, beautification, improve amenities and improve public transportation and bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow, on Broadview Avenue between Mortimer Road and Pottery Road and Danforth Avenue, consistent with the Broadview Area Planning Study and in a manner compatible with and beneficial to the Chester Hill Area residential neighbourhood immediately adjacent to Broadview Avenue;

  • Promoting sense of community in the Chester Hill Area; and

  • Other such complementary purposes not inconsistent with those objects.

Organizing Committee

  • Rob Corcoran

  • Lisa Cruikshanks

  • Ian Scott

  • Elaine Vieth

  • Reinhold Vieth

  • Darwin McGrath

Chester Public School 1905

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Chester Public School 1953

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Chester Hill From Broadview Ave 1926

Toronto Public Archives

Map 1924

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