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Update on Estonian House Site Development

In our Fall 2020 newsletter we gave you a heads-up about possible new development on the Estonian House site.

The following is a brief update to the community as of November 15, 2020:

  • The Estonian House site was sold to a developer, DK Broadview Inc (which is related to Diamond Corp http://www.diamondcorp.ca).

  • A proposal for development has not yet been submitted to the City but we anticipate that an application will be made shortly.

  • Our understanding is that the application will involve:

    • Very significant density and massing

    • A high-rise tower

    • Additional condominium units extending to the rear of the property with a height of approximately 14 metres.

We will be back in touch with the community with an update once an application has been submitted and we have more information.

CHCTRA continues to support the planning guidelines of the Broadview Avenue Planning Study (“BAPS”), a process which our neighbourhood participated in over a three-year period. Among other things, the BAPS:

  • Permits only mid-rise development on the Avenue;

  • Requires an appropriate transition to neighbourhood on the Estonian House site; and

  • Includes a commitment to avoid negative impacts on the adjacent neighbourhood properties.

Fall 2020 CHCTRA Update

Dear CHCTRA neighbours and friends,

We hope that all of our neighbours and families are doing well. We send a special acknowledgment and thank you to all of you who work front-line or are supporting front-line workers.

Below is the CHCTRA fall update on activities and items of interest over the spring and summer:

Quiet Streets Project

You will notice that following the COVID lockdown, some streets in Riverdale (such as Fulton Ave) were designated “Quiet Streets”. In May 2020, CHCTRA submitted an application to Toronto transportation for Chester Hill and Thorncliffe to receive this designation, but our application was rejected.

Speed Humps

The City surveyed Chester Hill Road residents about speed humps and the survey results supported them. The speed humps are scheduled to be installed in the fall of 2020. Since Fall 2018, CHCTRA has asked the City to canvass the residents of Thorncliffe and Cambridge about whether these streets should also have speed humps, but to date the City has not done so. We will continue to follow up with the City to survey your views on this issue.

CCTV at the Lookout

CHCTRA has been told by Toronto police that CCTV cameras have been approved and will be installed at the Lookout. The process is underway, but we have no firm date for the installation.

Car Break-Ins over the Summer

CHCTRA residents reported a very significant spike in car break-ins over the summer, with ownership and insurance papers removed from cars, as well as property damage. We have brought this issue to the attention of Paula Fletcher’s office and Toronto police. Please be aware that keyless entry fobs can be diverted to unlock your car even when the keys are safely in your home. A few safety tips:

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car

  • Always ensure your car is locked, especially overnight

  • Don’t keep your keys by your front door or in your home near where the car is parked

  • Store keyless entry keys in a metal box or container

  • Toronto Police have provided small signs to place in your car “No Valuables left in Vehicle”. Pick one up on the front porch of 24 Chester Hill

Development at Whistler’s Site

The development at Whistler’s is currently stalled and the property is being sold to a new purchaser. The City has assured residents that it will not re-open the application process for a proposal that is higher than the mid-rise approved to date.

A Globe and Mail story about the financial troubles for the development can be found here: Failed Toronto condo project lays bare battle between wealthy foreign investors https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/article-failed-toronto-condo-project-lays-bare-battle-between-wealthy-foreign/

796-802 Broadview Avenue

A six-storey mixed use building has been proposed and approved for this site, with retail at grade and residential units above. The developer has been in touch with local residents’ associations to consult on changes to the application in terms of use of the street-level space.

Paula Fletcher’s Letter to CHCTRA on development updates

For more information on the above development projects, please see the August 17, 2020 letter from Paula Fletcher’s office here: Broadview Development Update for Residents Associations.

Get Involved!

If you have questions or concerns, or want to become more involved in CHCTRA, please email community@chctra.ca

Stay strong on Covid-19 Prevention Efforts

Given the global pandemic, we conclude this newsletter with a show of support and a reminder to all of us to stay safe and strong. Covid-prevention is a marathon not a sprint, and we have many long winter months ahead.

If you are an elder member and need community support for food delivery, please be in touch.

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