Update: Development at Whistler’s Site

The development at Whistler’s is currently stalled and the property is being sold to a new purchaser. The City has assured residents that it will not re-open the application process for a proposal that is higher than the mid-rise approved to date.

A Globe and Mail story about the financial troubles for the development can be found here: Failed Toronto condo project lays bare battle between wealthy foreign investors https://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/article-failed-toronto-condo-project-lays-bare-battle-between-wealthy-foreign/

Whistler's Original Development Proposal

Property: 995 to 1005 Broadview, 2 and 4 Mortimer

Original proposal:

  • 10 Storeys (plus a mechanical penthouse).

  • 8,729.9 sm (93,934 sf) approx.

  • 449 sm Retail on the ground floor on Broadview

  • 111 units

  • 86 parking

  • 38.6 m height

  • This original proposal was refused by the City. The Applicant applied to the LPAT/OMB and also approached the City with a settlement offer July 2019.

  • The City and Applicant will hold a settlement hearing on January 24, 2020. After the settlement hearing, the LPAT will be asked to approve the revised proposal conditionally pending satisfaction of conditions imposed by Council.

Revised proposal:

  • The full details of the revised proposal are not available at this time.

  • CHCTRA’s general understanding of the new proposed development is set out below:

  • 7 storeys (plus a mechanical penthouse)

  • 6,005.6 sm (64,620.4 sf) approx.

  • 449 sm Retail on the ground floor on Broadview

  • 51 residential units

  • 56 parking


Based on the information available to CHCTRA:

  • The revised proposal still exceeds the height restrictions of the Broadview Avenue Planning Study. It also disregards the imposition of a 45-degree angular plane at the 4th floor. The proposed angular plane is 10 degrees more, i.e. 55 degrees, allowing greater square footage on the upper floors.

  • The revised proposal has significantly fewer units than originally proposed.

  • The revised parking ratio provides one parking spot per unit, with 56 parking spots for 51 units, which will be 2 levels below grade rather than 3 levels below grade.